Waterzone 610
Waterzone 610

WaterZone 610

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Part Number:WZ610
  • Treat 1 U.S. Gal (3.78 L) in 5 Min.:Quickly make plenty of ozonated water for personal use
  • AC/DC Operation:Take anywhere. Great for home, office, camping, etc.
  • Solid Construction:Built to last
  • 1 year warranty:1 year manufacturers parts and labour guaranty

The WATERZONE 610 ozone generator is designed for use in water to kill odors and bacteria. In just a few minutes, ozone permanently kills odors from such sources as decaying matter, fish, pets, urine, food, beverages, etc.  The output is 125 mgph on low or 250 mgph on high. But this can be increased to 500-mgph by using the optional air dryer. If pure oxygen is used, the ozone output goes up to 1000 mgph (Milligrams per hour).

The WATERZONE 610 has our longest-life pump installed, providing 5 times more life than other similar machines.

The Food and Drug Administration has amended its food additive regulations to permit ozone’s use as an anti microbial agent. The amendment, published in the Federal Register on June 28, 2001 allows for ozone in gaseous and aqueous uses and for safe and effective anti microbial treatment of meat, poultry, and other food products. By law, almost all bottled water is treated with Ozone.

Operating instructions are included with each WATERZONE 610.  There is virtually no maintenance.  It can be operated continuously, as long as the unit is operated at least 6 feet away from the ozone output of the hose.  It is not meant for use in a confined area, or to treat air. 

The optional air dryer will turn dark when it gets saturated with water from the air.  To dry it, just heat it in the microwave for a minute on high. The housing is made from ABS plastic so it will not rust.  It comes with a wall mount power supply, 8 ft of Silicone hose and diffuser, and a car adapter.  It will usually treat a gallon of water in about 5 minutes.  It can be used in containers 5-6 feet deep.

Two tabs on the housing for easy wall mounting.  



Output:           125 or 250 mgph. This can be increased to 500 by using the optional air dryer

                        or even 1000 mgph by providing pure oxygen to the input hose.

Flow rate         2 liters per minute      

Electrical         100 to 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz input                             

                        Converts to 12 Volt DC.  Power-15 watts                                                                

Size:                 4” x 8” x 2 1/2” high      Weight:  2 lb


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