PureAir PortOzone2

PureAir PortOzone2

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  • Built-in Timer:Allows safe operation
  • Durable metal casing:Rugged design for longer life
  • 1 year warranty:Manufacturer's warranty covers parts & labour for 1 year
  • 3000mg/hr or 7000 mg/hr output (selectable):Twice the the output of the PortOzone 1

This compact, rugged ozone generator is perfect for eliminating odors caused by pets, tobacco, trash, food, paint, many chemicals, and other organic smells. In addition to deodorizing and sanitizing indoor spaces, it's compact size make it perfect for use in cars, boats, and R.V.s.  The PortOzone2 is designed to be used in unoccupied areas only.

The PortOzone2 is twice as powerful as the original PortOzone1 and is built to last with a more rugged design.

The PortOzone2 uses controlled corona discharge ozone technology, which was  developed specifically to reduce odors and smoke in unoccupied spaces.

PortOzone2 is ideal for the treatment of:

  • Odors & Smoke
  • Freshly Painted Homes & Offices
  • Hotel and Lodging Rooms
  • Retirement Homes
  • Vacation Properties
  • Properties for Sale or Rent
  • Gyms and Locker Rooms
  • Pet Stores, Grooming Salons & Kennels (with no animals present).
  • Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, & Boats
PortOzone2 is powered by 120VAC and covers spaces up to 3,500 square feet.

*PortOzone is intended for use in spaces that are unoccupied by humans or pets.


Dimensions: 7.5” x 8.3’’ x 10.4’’ (191mm x 210mm x 262mm) 
(H x W x D)
Weight: 6.1lbs (2.8kg)
Coverage: Up to 3,500 square feet
Ozone Output: 3500mg/hr or 7000mg/hr (Selectable on Front)
Electrical: 120VAC 60Hz, 67-115w, 1A

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