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CleanWorld.ca is the webstore for Ecosuds Products. Our team at Ecosuds searches the world for the very best, most environmentally friendly solutions to maintain healthy, safe, and beautiful businesses and homes. We are based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We strongly believe that businesses are created to serve people and their community, and that giving back to the community is essential to our business philosophy. Our owners and team are proud to be members of and support:

Some of the products we recommend to help you live and work in cleaner, greener and healthier spaces:

Greentech pureAir air purifiers don't just filter the air, they also sanitize your air and your surfaces including carpets, furnishings, and fabrics. Our pureAir products kill mold spores,remove allergens, destroy harmful chemicals including V.O.C.s, eradicate viruses and bacteria, and fill your space with energizing negative ions.. Our customers tell us that since investing in pureAir technology they feel more invigorated, suffer with fewer colds and flues, and see a dramatic reduction in allergic reactions and breathing difficulties like asthma. Workplaces experience less absences due to sick leave, receive fewer complaints about scents and odors, and find their team members feel more energized due to the large number of negative ions being emanated by the pureAir technology.

Pro 8 Ozone Generator from Cleanworld.ca

Ozone generators from Jenesco and Greentech are used to get rid of the worst odors from businesses, homes, vehicles, hotel rooms, retirement homes, and any other area where organic odors can be a problem. Smoke, tobacco, food, pet, sweat, organic chemicals, trash, mold, and mildew, even skunk smell are just some of the odours that our ozone generators will permanently eliminate. Selling a home or car that smells like tobacco smoke can be very difficult. Our ozone generators will make them smell fresh again.

The pureWash laundry system will save you a small fortune and provide you with a more sustainable way for you to do your laundry. This amazing technology can dramatically reduce or even totally eliminate your need for laundry detergent. Imagine the savings you will benefit from by never having to use hot water to wash your clothes again. With pureWash, you only need to use cold water. Due to the sanitizing nature of the activated oxygen (ozone) mixed into your wash water, your clothes will come out smelling wonderfully fresh.... no more need for dryer sheets. Save money and save the environment with pureWash technology.

Provide the ultimate protection to all of your indoor and outdoor fabrics and carpet with the Sun and Soil line of protectors.

Ray and Rain protects all of your outdoor fabrics like gazebos, awnings, boat covers, tarps, tents, and convertible car tops from soiling, staining, and most importantly, from sun fading.
Solar Shield protects your indoor/outdoor fabrics like automotive upholstery and patio furniture from soiling, staining, and sun fading.
Solar Seal protects your indoor upholstered furniture, carpets, and fine rugs from staining, soiling, and sun fading.

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