Solar Seal 18.9 L 5 US Gal.
Solar Seal 18.9 L 5 US Gal.

Solar Seal Indoor Fabric and Carpet Protector - 18.9 L 5 US Gal.

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  • For indoor/outdoor fabrics and carpet
  • Protects against sun fading
  • Protects against spills, soiling, and staining
  • Covers 7500 sq. ft. of fabric (LxW)
The very best protection for all of your indoor fabrics, carpets and rugs. Solar Seal will protect your indoor fabrics and carpets from spills, soiling, and from fading due to damaging U.V. rays from the sun. Extend the life of your indoor fabrics carpets and rugs and keep them looking great with Solar Seal. Available in 4 sizes.

Perfect for protecting:
  • Almost all upholstery fabrics including fine fabrics, leather, and suede
  • Most window coverings (except vinyl).
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting including wool and synthetic
  • Oriental and other fine area rugs including wool, silk, rayon, and synthetic.
  • Office and room partitions
  • Fabric wall coverings
  • Needle work and fabric crafts

Provides spill, soil, and U.V. sun fade protection to most types of indoor fabrics (except vinyl) including leather and suede.